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8 - 16CH Counter┬ĚTimer | CT08-01F Series

This unit has 8-64 channel counters and one timer. Each counter has 32 bits count data. It counts during timer set interval or until the limited set count value.

Setting interval for count is 1μs to 1,000,000s. Setting limited count value is 1cts to 4,294,967Kcts.

This one has EIA 1 or EIA 2 unit case.

Using LAN or USB communication, you can able to use remote control.

It's possible to store counting data from thousands to tens of thousands of points (up to 5MB) in the internal RAM memory. Moreover, CT08-01F series are possible to store counting data of tens of millions of points (up to 8GB) in the FLASH memory installed. Stored data is downloadable to PC in the speed more than 1MB/s via high-speed LAN.

CT08-01F series has input mode selection (TTL Hi-Z, TTL50Ω, NIM) via command line.







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Performance and Specifications

Type CT08-01F ∼ CT16-01F
Power AC 90 V to 240 V
Counter input Signal level: TTL(3.3V-5V), NIM

Input impedance: Zi=10KΩ(TTL) or 50Ω(NIM) inner jumper switching

Counter frequency: up to 300MHz (NIM) up to 100MHz (TTL)

Connector: CAMAC connector (LEMO conector)

Number of channel: 0 - 47 channels (CH7 is preset counter)

digit of count: 32 bits (0 - 4,294,967,295)

Indicator 16 digits 2 line backlit LCD
Communication LAN, USB
Timer Number of channel: 1 channel, 40 bits (0 - 1,099,511,627,775μs)

Resolution · Accuracy: 0.000001s (1μs) Accuracy 0.005%

Preset time: 0.000001s (1μs) - 1,099,511.627775s

Fixed counter Number of channel: 1 channel (CH7 fixed)
Preset count: 1cts - 4,294,967,295cts
Continuance Timer stops

Count stops

You can choose automatic stop on setting time, automatic stop at setting number of counts and no automatic stop.

Count stops immediately by stop trigger or "STOP" command.

Data logger

Synchronous gate mode

Synchronous clock mode

Synchronous gate mode "Synchronous gate mode data logger: Store total data automatically up to 10,000 times in the internal RAM memory on the timing of turning OFF synchronous gate signal.

You can download the data as text data.

Internal FLASH memory Store total data up to 80 million times in the internal FLASH memory
Continuance output

Synchronous gate mode

Synchronous clock mode

Continuance output It's possible to download counter data in synchronization with gate or internal timer. You can download the file by using the attached Windows control software.
Gate It's possible to apply simultaneous gate (TTL IN) to all count channels and timers.

It's used timing signal of synchronous gate mode data logger and synchronous gate download.

Under count OUT There is a output which shows that it is under count.(TTL ""H"")

It's possible to control several modules from the top unit by connecting it to gate input of other modules.

Case EIA 1UNIT CT08-01F, CT16-01F


Main unit