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Other Products

Product Name Appearance Model Number Price

(JPY, without Tax)

Resolver Signal Generator image RZSC-02 ¥475,000
Voltage Level Phone image T2393-01 ¥48,000
LAN Adaptor image T2429-01(main part) ¥48,000
T2429AC (AC adaptor) ¥3,000
Wireless LAN Adaptor image T3171-01 ¥80,000
5CH Delay Pulse Generator image DLY-01B ¥324,000
General Purpose FPGA Board image TJ1-001 ¥360,000
Helium Purity Monitor image HPM-02 ¥125,000
TMP Syntem Controller image TMP-02PF ¥200,000
GP-IB 5CH Shutter Controller image STR5C-01 ¥252,000

* Product specifications and configurations are subject to change for improvement or other reasons without prior notice.

* Be sure to read instruction manuals before operating the equipment for your safety.